Thursday, August 15, 2013

Avalon NJ Vacation, Day 3

Thursday August 15, Day 3

Kids and fountains... Cape May
After another late night and busy day, it was hard getting the kids up and moving. Once we did, we debated whether or not to hit the beach one last time but opted not to. Everyone had gotten a lot of sun and liked the idea of doing something else. On a longer beach vacation, it would make sense to break up beach time with other things to do, but on a short trip like this, our rest from the beach day would be our last. Oh well. We decided to pack up, check out, and drive down the coast to do some quick sightseeing through Cape May.

We parked in the center of town, which was absolutely mobbed, and grabbed a not-so-quick bite to eat at a not-so-great place on Washington Mall. We then spent a couple of hours strolling the outdoor mall, getting ice cream, looking at the cool old buildings and doing some shopping. I even managed to grab a geocache right near where we parked.
Strolling Washington Mall

We were on the road by 3:00pm, and after a stop at a craft store for Amp on the way home, we were back home by around 5:30. The kids had great fun (as did all of us) and are already asking if we can go back for longer next year. I think that's a great idea.

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