Sunday, August 25, 2013

Rosewood Trio Charity Event

The family went to see a charity polo match yesterday to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society at the Brandywine Polo Club in Toughkenamon PA. It's always nice to support a good cause, but the main reason to go was to see brother Dave play bass in the Rosewood Trio. They have played some coffee house events but I had not managed to get to one and have been very anxious to see them.
Post-match crowd greeting

The website said "first match at 3pm" and the music to start at 6:30, so we weren't in a big hurry to get there. Perhaps we should have been. When we rolled in a little before 5:00, we managed to catch the last few minutes of polo. That was a bit disappointing. We were there primarily for the music, but my kids would have liked to see the horses more than they did.
The Rosewood Trio (plus drummer)

We had a chance to get a drink and a little bit of food and meet some of Dave's friends, and then the Trio went on just before 6:00.

Dave has raved about his band mates, and I had complete faith in his judgement. He was right. They were really good. Chip plays guitar, Sandy plays guitar and sings, and Dave plays bass. For this show, they had Joe, a drummer friend, sitting in with them.
Brother Dave in his happy place (no, really)

They were tight, they picked good songs (most of which are escaping me at the moment), and for a temporary outdoor setup on the lawn of a polo club, the sound mix was terrific. They sounded great.
Chip and Sandy

As for the songs, Dave can probably remind me so I can edit this later, but I know they did Wide Open Spaces from the Dixie Chicks (a favorite of my family's) and Van Morisson's Brown Eyed Girl, another classic (but no no no you can't sing "Brown Eyed Guy"!!).
Rosewood hokey pokey (put your right foot in...)

In addition to loving music of just about any kind, I enjoy looking at all the instruments and paraphernalia. So it was fun checking out the guitars, the foot pedals, setups and electronics. I know this from a few other musician friends as well, but it seems everything can be run from an iPad these days.
Artsy side shot (and nice guitars)

The whole set was impressive and I loved every minute of it. A good blue grass band with some people Dave knew played next, and we listened to a couple songs before the kids got antsy and hungry. Apparently there was a combined encore at the end that would have been nice to see, but c'est la vie. As I told Dave after the show, my jealousy really knows no bounds as to the thought of playing something well enough to actually play with good musicians and make real music. I have a hard time imagining something more fun than that must be. And I know that Dave feels the same way (despite the fact that he never smiles...).

I even won a nice original watercolor painting in the silent auction.

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  1. Thank you for the kind words. It was a very fun day, and wonderful that you could be there. I can assure you I was smiling on the inside. :-)