Saturday, January 4, 2014

Medieval Muster

It occurred to me as I was inventorying and taking all those pictures of my early medieval miniatures for the Gallery page that I hadn't had all that stuff out of boxes and on the table together for a long time. So when I got to the point that everything that is complete had been dealt with, I laid everything out in one big muster of the troops. And here they are in all their glory (such as it is).
The (mostly) whole early medieval gang

Mounted knights are in the back rank with heavy cavalry sergeants on the flanks. Foot knights are in front of them, and then non-knightly infantry in front of them. The infantry are screened by crossbowmen. The front couple of ranks are peasant infantry, archers and skirmishers. Scattered throughout are singly based leaders and banner bearers (some of which do need flocking or re-basing).
...and again

They are a colorful bunch, and I am proud of them. Of all the miniatures that I have, these are probably my favorites, or at least awfully close. It has been fun taking liberties and painting units of these guys more colorfully than they really should be. But that's what the hobby is all about to me. I wanted to paint a bunch of medievals the way I wanted them to look, and I am pleased with the result.

The Gallery page has closeup pictures of all the different pieces of this army as well as a few notes on pending work and future plans. Organizing these has been a worthwhile exercise in terms of both reminding myself what I have as well as forcing me to take the time to do some needed maintenance and cleanup on some of the troops.

Now that I have gone through these, I will probably do the Hundred Years War period next...

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