Sunday, January 26, 2014

Painting Table Saturday - Jan 25 - Knights...still...

I would have posted an update yesterday, but after taking last week's picture of the knights in progress, I didn't lift a brush at all until this morning. Pretty much all of my spare time over the last week has been making the console table we just finished.

I have gotten back to painting a little this weekend, and am still working on the same batch of knights. As I was working on one of the yellow and green figures it occurred to me how dramatic the difference in some of the re-painted figures is; much more so than comes across in the before-and-after overview pictures. I decided to repaint part of the figure that I was working on and take a picture to show the difference. Below is one of the dull old figures, partially completed. The repainted part is the back half of the horse and the rider from the waist down. I haven't yet touched the front half of the horse or the upper half of the rider. Pretty big difference, I think.
Repainting in progress

Also, while cleaning up the wood working project, I decided to take some of the scrap wood and make a paintbrush stand. I have kept my brushes jumbled in an old coffee cup or a red Solo cup for years, and I am tired of fishing around for the right one. Now I have a convenient place to organize the brushes, Xacto knives and pin vise (tiny drill).
Brush stand made from scrap wood

Hopefully I will make enough painting progress soon to post another real update.

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