Saturday, January 11, 2014

Painting Table Saturday - Jan 11 - Knights

On the painting table this week are a handful of German knights. The six painted figures are two stands worth of older figures mounted on stands composed entirely of hand weapon figures. I am beginning the (expected to be leisurely) process of breaking down the old stands, refurbishing the old figures, and mixing in some newly painted lancers. That will make these guys fit in better with the remainder of my knights, and will brighten up the paint jobs dramatically.
German knights c. 1200

At this point I have broken down one stand, mostly finished updating the three loose figures, and am beginning a new banner bearer. I still need break down the other stand, finish repainting those, and then do some new figures. To turn these two old stands into four new ones I need to paint six new figures - the banner bearer, maybe a musician or a leader, and the remainder being new lancers. Which means in addition to the painting itself, which is the fun part, I need to prep, glue and prime another 5 figures or so (depending on what I have lying around already primed).

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