Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Geocaching Lessons

It seems I may have forgotten how to geocache. After finding one traditional cache, one earth cache, and two virtuals on our Maine trip last Fall, I hadn't done anything until the Washington trip last weekend. Finding even a few virtuals was fun, and logging them reminded me of a number of caches near to home that hadn't been dealt with.

Looking at my calendar of open dates (calendar dates having never found a cache), I saw that 4/21 was my last open date between now and the end of April, so I decided to get out and find a cache after work. I chose to go after one very close to where my own "Wide Open Spaces" cache used to be, since I know that this area gets very overgrown in the summer, and it would be much easier to get now rather than later.

I threw old clothes on. Drove. Parked the car. Got out. Fired up the GPS. Took a few minutes to remind myself how to actually use the GPS. Realized that the only caches loaded in it were 480-some miles away in Maine. And that the batteries were just about dead. Fired up the Geocaching app on the iPhone instead. Saw that I had 7% battery life on the phone. Found the cache easily enough. Realized I hadn't brought a pen to sign the log with. Felt silly. Started walking back to the car. Realized it was an ammo box, and probably had a pen in it. It did. Felt silly again. Signed the log. Went home.

I would update my stats if I remembered how.

Hopefully the next one will go more smoothly.

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