Sunday, April 6, 2014

Painting Table Saturday - Apr 5 - Powder Room

Painting time this weekend consisted almost entirely of powder room remodelling (sadly, or not, depending on your point of view). The last of the patching, caulking, sanding and prep work was completed. Color swatches on the walls were tested then painted over. An ugly oval builder's mirror was pried off the wall, patched and prepped. Two coats of flat white paint on the ceiling. Three of bright white semi-gloss on the trim. Cutting in around the walls, with three walls of a lighter blue, and one accent wall of a darker turquoise-y blue. Two coats rolled on all the walls. A lot of work for a tiny little room.
Caulk, test colors, and no more mirror

It looks great now that it is finished, but a powder room is always more hassle per square foot than any other room (except probably a kitchen). All things considered, I'd much rather paint a bedroom many times the size. But it does look great, and crown molding always looks nice. One room at a time, we'll end up with nice trim work in every room. The color of this room is a bit of a departure for us, as most of the rest of the house is in neutral colors and earth tones (like the sage green that this room started with). I like the brighter colors. They look cheerful and happy. And they pull out some of the colors from the "ocean mosaic" mirror that inspired the new room.
Working on ceiling trim and cutting in

Actually, I'm not completely done yet, as the window trim hasn't been painted yet, and the baseboards need another coat. And I guess I should finish putting the light fixture back together. But the end is in sight though, so I am willing to claim victory in advance.
Almost completely done

Julia's room comes next. Then the master bedroom... But first, I get to work on those medieval knights that have been waiting patiently while I goof off doing housework. The next room can wait a little while longer...

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