Thursday, April 10, 2014

Q1 Hobby Review

The first quarter of this year was probably more active for me in terms of painting, terrain making, and general hobby activities than any other similar period in a long time. I think I also did not play a single game (non-solo), not even at the Cold Wars convention that I attended very briefly. So...some good and some bad, I suppose. Although if this continues at this pace for too much longer I might have to change the blog header to say that I am a figure painter instead of an actual wargamer.

As far as accomplishments go, I ended the quarter with... (more or less):
  • 18 German knights painted (including some refurbished ones)
  • 10 French Hundred Years War crossbows painted
  • 6 Ottoman akinji light horse painted
  • 13 buildings painted
  • 18 more German knights half painted but not finished
  • A few hundred figures from various periods "brightened", highlighted and otherwise touched up
  • Several hundred figures rebased entirely
  • A few hundred bases flocked, edge painted, or otherwise cosmetically completed
  • A few more modular terrain boards begun but not completed
  • At least a hundred figures prepped, primed and made ready for painting
  • Other miscellaneous small terrain projects
The actual painting output seems modest, although it was very very good for me, especially considering the amount of work/time spent touching up older figures to a much nicer standard.

As for Q2, I'm not really very goal-oriented with regards to my hobby time anymore, but I'll tentatively throw a few out there anyway:
  • Play games
  • Complete the basing and photography of my Hundred Years War English
  • Paint some Ottomans
Sounds simple enough.

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