Thursday, February 11, 2016

Wisdom Teeth

OK, so I just had to post this picture, future wrath of the daughter notwithstanding. Julia needed to have a couple of wisdom teeth out. Having had a couple of my own out as a teenager, I knew this wasn't something that Julia could get through awake, so we needed to go with the full sleep option.
The Recovering Patient

Everything went fine, but it was quite a cute and comical thing coming out of the anesthesia. She had ice packs draped over her head like saddlebags, gauze sticking out of her mouth, and had, for lack of a better word...temporary insanity. When she first woke up she had no idea who she was, who we were, where she was, or pretty much anything else. She came about fairly quickly, was on the way home within an hour or so, and by the next morning the alien possession was gone and we had our daughter back.

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