Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Miniatures Plans

OK, all this reading has to stop, and I need to get back to some hobby stuff.

Fall In was a big disappointment in some ways, but that is a story for another day. The biggest project I need to get done in the short term is basing figures. I have a bunch of figures that need to be put on bases, and then dozens of stands that have been based but the bases haven't been flocked, so they aren't really done. At Fall In, I stopped by the Litko booth and checked out their bases. I have not used them before. They have bases in various thicknesses of plywood and other kinds of stock, and have many "standard" sizes. Anything that is not a standard size can be custom ordered. One nice thing about the plywood bases (as compared to Gale Force 9's masonite) is that they are a pale wood, and therefore the bottoms of the bases can be written on and still be readable, which I normally do.

My typical basing is on basswood strips from Midwest Products. For 25mm foot figures, I cut 2'x1" stock strips into 60mm lengths. I base all of my foot on these 60mm x 1 inch bases, regardless of whether they are close, loose or skirmish order. At one point, I had started to use the standard 60x20mm bases for close order troops, but with scale creep the figures are just too big for these. For cavalry, I take larger basswood stock sheets and cut out bases that are 60x47 or 60x48mm. Again, the de-facto standard 60x40mm cavalry bases are just not large enough for today's oversized 25/28mm figs.

Anyway, to make my life easier, I ordered 100 infantry bases of 60x25mm (which approximates 1 inch deep) and 100 cavalry bases of 60x50mm from Litko. I got an email that they have been shipped, and I will be diving into basing the remainder of my in-process stuff as soon as possible.

As an aside, I recently got an order of contract painted figures back from Fernando Enterprises in Sri Lanka. I have used them for a bunch of years now and have always been happy with their price and quality. This order consists of a bunch of single bags of odds and ends from various medieval periods. All are Old Glory 25mm. I will post pictures as I get them based and finished up.

  • 30 Ottoman foot archers
  • 30 Eastern European peasant archers
  • 30 Welsh archers
  • 30 Wars of the Roses militia billmen
  • 30 Hundred Years War Spanish slingers and javelinmen
  • 10 Hungarian horse archers
  • 10 Ottoman akinci horse archers

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