Thursday, November 19, 2009

Random Thoughts

I have recently blogged on my not getting peoples' fascination with Facebook and Twitter, yet I spend time writing these blog posts that maybe half a dozen people read. Or maybe less than half a dozen. Or maybe a lot less than half a dozen. Or maybe just me. Hmmmm.

Also wondering how many of the following need to be true to qualify you for a midlife crisis (very mild variety):

  • Wondering where you hairline is going.
  • Wondering when your babies became real people.
  • Realizing that you have a fondness for the "good old days".
  • Wondering where your career is going.
  • Wondering what your golden years will be like (and hoping that you have golden years).
  • Trying to remember what you had for breakfast.
  • Realizing that somewhere along the way, you lost your immortality.
  • Wondering when the music you grew up to became classic rock.
  • Not being able to identify any music created in the last 10-15 years.
  • Wondering why your favorite athletes from your childhood are (a) in the hall of fame, and (b) look really old now.
  • Calculating how far you are beyond the midpoint of average American male life expectancy.

Oh boy. Corvette, here I come!

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