Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Things I Don't Get

Cranky old goat warning!

In no particular order:
  • The Rolling Stones, The Who and Queen. Never got 'em back in the day. Still don't.
  • Getting falling down drunk before a sporting event and then stumbling into the arena to watch the game.
  • Facebook. OK, I get it just a little bit. After being cajoled into opening an account a couple years ago, I have reconnected in a marginal way with a few people from all the way back in high school. That's the one good thing. Everything else I don't get. Silly games and apps. Poking people and sending them virtual gifts/drinks/whatever. What someone is having for dinner. I'm not a particularly social creature. Which brings me to...
  • Twitter. Don't get this even a little bit. "It's 5:13pm and I'm southbound on I-95 near the Walt Whitman bridge." Great. "Watching the Flyers game on TV." Good to know.
  • Soccer. After the age of ten or twelve.
  • High School Reunions. This goes hand in hand with Facebook Friend requests. I was only vaguely acquainted with most of these people when we were in high school. Why would they want to be my friend 25 years later? We weren't friends then. There are only a few people from high school who I would want to see after all these years, and it wouldn't be while surrounded by a bunch of total strangers who can't let go of the early 1980's. Cue Springsteen's Glory Days...
  • Nascar. 3 hours of left turns (ok, I know they turn left and right several times a year). The same 10 guys have all the talent and all the money. The other 30 guys can't win. The only purpose the other guys serve is to occasionally crash into one of the talented guys, knocking him out of a race (the fickle hand of fate, automotive style).
  • Clams, mussels and oysters. Who in the world ever thought of trying to eat one of these little phlegm balls in the first place?
  • Sushi. Man has tamed fire. Use it.


  1. Thank you! It's not just me then :)

    Allowing for slight transatlantic cultural difference I concur with all of them!



  2. Nice ones. I like Facebook, but agree completely about the poking and the silly apps. Agree 100% about Nascar, Twitter, and high school reunions.

  3. Andy, Just checked you profile and see the reference to 15mm Punic Wars. My only Ancients period is Punic Wars in 25mm. I have painted some stuff, had a lot painted for me, and have NEVER GAMED WITH THE FIGS. Criminal. I will take some photos and post them. Thanks for stopping by. My hobby stuff goes in spurts. There will be more soon.

  4. wow. no stones who or queen, but chris deburgh (sp ?) was ok ????

    however the e-stuff...that's different. i think twitter etc is silly

    a "poke" is no more social electronically than it would be with an actual sharp stick.

    it's something that runs a good risk of bringing retaliation, rather than a happy response.

    as to nascar. you have too many teeth and too few tattoos, and no particular affinity for bush pounders or marlboro reds.