Saturday, December 4, 2010

And on the 101st Day I Rested

On December 2 I found my 500th cache and got to 100 consecutive days with a find. On Friday December 3, through no particular plan to do so, I did not get a cache, and therefore have ended my days streak at an even 100. This is not what I intended, but it was a very busy day with a lot going on, and it just didn't fit without disruption to go out and get a cache. I maybe could have gone out late at night, but I didn't really feel like it at the time.

I knew when I started my streak that getting to 25 days would be a challenge. Then 50 days became an even bigger challenge. Then 75 days rolled around and it had just become a part of my daily routine to always know where I could go to get a cache, hiking a little when time permitted, or at least walking deeper into a park or away from a parking lot. Or when time was short, using up one of the simple park n grabs that I was hoarding for those occasions. Every day became "gotta get a cache", and for the most part it was fun and not work to do so. Sometimes like work, but only a day here or there. It never felt like work day after day. If it had, I probably would have stopped.

When I got to 100 days, I knew I had gotten past some fairly significant obstacles, and that I wouldn't have a prayer of getting to the next badge level, which is 150. But I didn't want to end on an even 100. But that's how it worked out.

Now that it's over, how do I feel? The simple answer, for today at least, (writing on Monday December 6) is that it is KILLING me!!! I say that mostly in jest, but I do have regrets that I couldn't keep it going a little longer. The reality of the matter is that I have cleaned out the area around my house well enough that starting another streak of any significant length would be much much much harder than this was. Practically impossible actually.

There are other geocaching goals to achieve, and lot of enjoyment left to be had. But I do dearly miss my streak.

After nothing on Friday, I did get a cache on Saturday. And 2 on Sunday. Plus one today on Monday. So I am at day 3. And counting...

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