Sunday, December 5, 2010

Santa Brunch

A tradition that we have had for the last several years is to go to the Santa Brunch at the country club, and be joined by our good friends from across the street. When the kids were younger, we used to do the Santa Brunch at Longwood Gardens, but that is further away and wasn't all that good. Longwood does many things well, but mass producing an expensive breakfast wasn't really one of them.
The best thing about Santa at the club is the relaxed atmosphere. The kids know the place, can run around safely with no real supervision, which gives us parents the time to actually enjoy things and eat some good food. The mimosas aren't a bad way to start the morning either.
All Julia has been talking about this year is wanting a cell phone. We have tried to explain to her that when you ask Santa for things, you should tell him a few different things that you might like so that he has choices and can try to make sure that you get one of the things you wanted. She's not buying that at all, and refused to come up with anything else that she might want for fear of confusing Santa and not getting the all important cell phone. We'll have to see how Santa handles that.
Grace on the other hand is easy. She wants every single thing she has ever seen on TV. If they make it she wants it. If they advertise it she wants it more. If they advertise it heavily, her life will not be complete without it. Until the next commercial comes on, that is. Her attention span on the gift wish list is hilarious (and short attention span comments coming from me really mean something... ooooh shiny!!).
So brunch was great. We all ate too much. Julia asked Santa for a cell phone. And Grace asked Santa for everything else.

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