Sunday, November 3, 2013

Hundred Years War - Next Steps

As I played my way through my first Impetus game, a bunch of thoughts were going through my head as to what I needed (or wanted) to do next with the Hundred Years War part of my collection.
  • I am torn about basing. I love the look of Impetus style bases vs old-style smaller bases. The freedom to make each base a small diorama, and to have the figures less "regular" in their appearance is appealing. Mounting 25mm infantry on a 60mm wide and 25mm or so deep stand makes everyone end up looking very strictly ranked. Mounting the same figures (and perhaps less figures per unit in total) on a deeper base allows for unit types that should look regular to still be ranked nicely, but to have unit types that should look more irregular be staggered on the bases. The standard 25mm figure unit base is 120mm wide. For those few units I have based this way, I have still based each unit in a pair of 60mm wide bases. This allows for a "column" type of formation (which Impetus doesn't really have but should) as well as using the figures for other games such as Medieval Warfare. I think what I am going to do going forward is to rebase just a few units in this manner, but to do more like this as I add more new units. [As an aside, the current version of Day of Battle uses Impetus style bases.]
  • I have lots of figure bases in this period that were mounted after coming back from being painted in Sri Lanka but the bases were never finished. It pains my finicky nature to play with figures glued to plain green-painted bases, but I also hate finishing the bases. Base finishing is one of my least favorite things. But...time to suck it up and properly finish any units I use in this campaign.
  • I could use more mounted men at arms (knights). I have figure stock on hand for another half dozen or so units. I should work on them (yes, I know, add them to the list...with the Ottomans...etc).
  • I still need better lighting for picture taking in the gaming area. I have a great camera but you'd never know it from the poorly and unevenly lit pictures.
  • A few of my oldest "generic medievals" that I had painted by a guy in Ohio 10 or 12 years ago are not up to standard and could use some touching up. As with the base finishing, any unit that gets used in this campaign goes into the "needs work" area of the painting table for touch up before it can be used again.
  • I need to buy a bunch of 60mm wide by 50 or 60mm deep bases from Litko or Gale Force 9 at the FALL IN convention in a couple weeks.
So much to do...

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