Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Impetus Campaign - Henry's Choice

Henry surveys the field
Henry de Cheraute, advancing in a northeasterly direction to the north (left) of Raymond's main body with a predominantly infantry contingent, was sent to "investigate" the village of Beren. As his troops trudged along the muddy road to town, Gauthier de Morenz, commanding the light infantry advance guard, reported back that an enemy force was drawn up near a crossroads beyond the next ridge. Henry, riding with his men at arms under his younger brother Thomas, crested the ridge and surveyed the scene before him.

Ahead, beyond a small clump of trees, was a fork in the road. The left fork, curving to the north, led to Beren. The right fork continued east in the direction of Henry's next rendezvous with Raymond, where he was due by nightfall tomorrow. Centered on high ground to the north of the road fork was an enemy force that appeared smaller than his own. He did not see any cavalry, but his visibility was hindered by the trees and the high ground.

Thomas studied the scene for a few more moments as their foot soldiers clanked up the road behind them. Finally he spoke. "Well, brother, what's it to be? We could double back the way we came. Or force our way down the east road. Or fight."

Henry smiled and replied "My orders were to pay a visit to the good citizens of Beren. Let's go test these gentlemens' resolve..."
The (visible) enemy

Scenario #2
Through a bit of random selection, our second scenario will be a small fight between two primarily infantry forces. After laying out the basics of the situation I randomized whether Henry should behave aggressively (fight), moderately (bypass and head east) or cautiously (retreat). On a 1-10 scale, I rolled the low end of aggressive, so Henry's plan will be to attack, but prudently. If things do not go well, he will look to disengage and head east.

Henry's forces (with their newly named "captains"):
  • Commander Henry de Cheraute (Fair quality)
  • Mounted men at arms (Thomas de Cheraute)
  • Provincial heavy infantry [FP] (Richard Pominville)
  • Provincial light infantry, long spears [FL] (Gauthier de Morenz)
  • Provincial light infantry long spears [FL] (Emile Larcevaux)
  • Crossbowmen, class B [T] (Edmund Wilkinson)
  • Javelinmen [S] (Phillippe Boncarre)
  • Scottish mercenary pikemen [FP] (Robert Cadogan)

The defenders of Beren:
  • One leader whose rating will be randomized the first time we need to use it for something substantial
  • Two units of heavy infantry [FP] with long spears
  • One unit of crossbowmen [T] (class B)
  • One unit of town militia [FP]
In addition to these named forces, beginning around the time the troops become engaged, I will begin to randomly test for enemy hidden forces or reinforcements (size and type TBD if they appear). Henry might get a surprise of some sort...

...to be Continued

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