Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Impetus Campaign - What's In a Name?

Grace has been showing interest in the Impetus game I played recently (as she does with many of the games I set up, and figures I paint). When I was explaining the idea of a campaign to her, as a series of linked battles, she looked at the leader figures on the table and asked me "do they have names?" I said they didn't. She thought they should.

So we are coming up with a bunch of French-ish and English-ish names so that we can have a named "captain" in charge of each unit on Raymond's overall roster, not just the three generals. This is actually a good idea - it will make the characters of our little drama seem more real, and make for more interesting battle report write ups, especially in the sense of continuity from one to the next. It will also mean I throw together a few simple rules on these "captains"; losses inflicted on units during the course of a battle should have some chance of wounding, killing or capturing our named guy, much the same way in which attached commanders can be effected in the normal rules. These "captains" will have no impact on the game other than to provide color. At least that's the plan at this point, but who knows...

When I have concocted enough names, I will go back and edit the first battle report. We will have, for instance, references to "Giacomo Penneti's crossbowmen" instead of "the Italian mercenary crossbow unit."

I think I like the idea. Yay, Grace!

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