Thursday, November 7, 2013

Refurbishing Crossbows

One of the units I pulled out of the box to use in the next game was a 12 figure, 4 stand unit of crossbowmen. These are "12th Century Crossbows" by Old Glory, and while that is an earlier period than my Hundred Years War scenario, these figures are generic enough in look to fit nicely throughout the early and mid medieval period.

This unit also happens to be another one of those older units that was painted for me perhaps ten years ago, and I would no longer consider up to standard. Before putting them on the table, I took some time to brighten them up. I touched up some highlighting on the armor, lightened up the color of the wooden crossbows, added a little color to some of the exposed clothing bits, and cleaned up the flesh.
...and After

The before and after pictures don't do justice to the difference, which is much more pronounced in real life. As some of these old units cross my table, it helps to brighten them up without a major repainting effort (if I wanted to do that, I would buy a new pack of figures and start from scratch).

Maybe I'll even put these guys on Impetus style bases.

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