Saturday, May 17, 2014

Painting Table Saturday - May 17 - WW2 odds and ends

OK, boring-est Painting Table update ever... After the terrifically fun Fireball Forward! game we had Friday night, I spent a few hours this weekend digging out and cataloging what I have for 15mm WW2 miniatures.

The answer is...more than I would have guessed, but not much of it properly based or even finished. More so than any other period I seem to have started lots of different sets of figures and vehicles without ever actually having finished much other than figures I have purchased already completed.

So the hobby time this weekend was spent getting everything in one place and assessing, followed by some thinking to come up with a plan of how to tackle some of this backlog. The short answer is to make sure I have modest size German and American forces complete and based for Fireball Forward!. I made good progress toward this today by breaking down some older bases and using the figures on FF! bases. Some very basic work is complete with only the finishing work remaining.

The second priority was to take some of the packs of Battlefront Flames of War figures and prep them for painting. I prepped and primed German infantry, American infantry and American paratroop sets. The next step will be to do some actual painting...

On the short list to complete are:

  • The above mentioned German and American infantry.
  • A handful of American and German antitank guns which have been primed and/or base coated but not finished.
  • Final detail work on 10 Sherman tanks and about 12 American trucks and jeeps that have been partially painted but need detail work to finish them.
That will be a start.

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