Saturday, May 31, 2014

Painting Table Saturday - May 31 - US infantry

Having completed the large batch of American vehicles, the next couple of WW2 projects will be to continue assembling an assortment of German vehicles (mainly basic halftracks and halftrack variants) as well as painting a bunch of US troops. I have a Battlefront US late war infantry platoon (41 figs I think) and 8 anti tank gun crew figs prepped and ready to go.

I am curious to see how this will go. I am not used to painting 15mm figures. They seem awfully tiny when you are used to painting 25mm/28mm. I will need to learn as I go, finding a method and techniques that work for me. I am imagining some base wetbrushing/drybrushing followed by picking out detail, with some washing mixed in there somewhere. We'll see how it goes.
One tiny guy

End of Day update:
So far so good. Painting 15mm figs is definitely different, but I am not finding it difficult to make progress towards an acceptable figure. I'll post some details on how I ended up painting them when I am done, but I am proceeding roughly as I expected I would above. I do find that the only way I can paint these little guys is to take my glasses off because my aging eyes can't seem to focus on something this small as close as I need them to be. Without my glasses, I am blind as a bat...but can now focus on something 12-15 inches away just fine. Bifocals anyone? Sigh.
A bunch of tiny guys - end of Saturday

One test stand (a squad of three figures) is completely done and looks great. The remainder of the 50+ figures are well on the way to being done, and with a bit more time tomorrow I should be able to have these all substantially done. Uniforms have been painted. Most detail has been painted. What remains is to do the flesh areas and then whatever washing needs to be done, along with a little more final detail.

I am very pleased with how this is going (and the fact that I am able to crank out a good number of figures pretty quickly). I have taken a corner of the dining room table as a temporary paint station, and have been wandering in and out and painting in 10-20 minute increments when I can steal a few minutes throughout the day. That might not be the most ideal way to make progress, but I'll take a few moments when I can get them.

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