Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas 2014

Another Christmas Day is winding down, and we have a house full of content people. Us, kids, in-laws and nieces. And of course Uno, their dog.

We have been stuffed with good food (a light Mediterranean Baked Cod last night to give us room for the meat-fest of standing rib roast today) and good drink.
Christmas Eve - Mediterranean Cod

Gingerbread houses have been made. Fresh Santa cookies have been baked, laid on the hearth, and were gone this morning. I bet Santa liked them a lot.
Cookies for Santa...or just playing

Shockingly enough, not a peep was heard from the girls until 7:45 this morning, which I think must be a new record. Despite a few moments of less than ideal behavior, Santa did come again this year, and pampered the kids as he usually (always) does.
Christmas Morning - The Calm before the Storm

Toys and games, video games and clothes for Julia. A new iPod Touch, Beats headphones and some books for Grace. Plus footie pajamas, a surprise gift request (but you do have to love footie pajamas...). Tennis stuff and some clothes and books for Amp. Books for me (4 history, 2 fiction). And a new iMac for the house, to replace the old slow PC in the basement. No more fighting for the one good Mac. (Mine mine mine.)
Footie pajamas!

It was a very relaxing day in which we were able to do absolutely nothing but sit around the house and relax in the company of family, capped off by an easy but excellent 8pm dinner (prime rib roast, mashed potatoes, mushroom gravy and ratatouille).

Everybody had a great day, especially the kids. By the time dinner was done and the dishes taken care of, and after a few glasses of wine and 45 pages of reading into one of my new books, I dropped off to sleep, a happy Daddy.

Not having to go back to work until Monday January 5th doesn't hurt either. Ten more days off. But who's counting...

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