Friday, May 21, 2010

May Days

I can't gush enough about how thrilled I am that my girls have liked my using geocaching as a means to get them out into the outdoors and do a little hiking. We've only been doing this for a month now but have been out a number of times, and have seen lots of good scenery and wildlife. So this post is nothing more than an excuse to post some pictures from May that I just downloaded from my camera.

Grace and Julia hiking the Darlington Trail along the banks of Chester Creek.
As an aside, my father and his dad, who died 20 years before I was born, used to fish in this creek when my father was a kid in the 1930's. I found out a while ago when talking to my dad that when I caught a fish standing on a huge flat boulder near where the Wawa station used to be, back when the train line through here was an active line, it was the same boulder that he had caught a fish while sitting on 60 years earlier. Kinda cool... I should go back and get a picture.

Chester Creek in the spring. We've had a wet spring and this rich green is not faked; it has looked like this all spring.
A mated pair of Canada Geese and three goslings in the creek. Well, presumably mated. Somebody obviously mated somebody sometime.

I can only hope that the level of interest they are showing now can be nurtured and maintained.

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