Monday, May 31, 2010

Sassafrass River Fishing, Part 2


OK, so they can't all be whoppers. Yours truly lands the smallest fish of the day, a 4 inch shiner. I'm still not quite sure how this little guy got a size 2 hook into his mouth, but he did. This fish could best be described as bait. I should have left him on the hook and thrown him back in in the hopes that a real fish would eat him!

They weren't all tiny. This catfish was probably the biggest fish of the day, and while not overly large compared to some that we catch, it was a very nice fight on the ultralight tackle, and I was sure I was going to lose it when it started to run under the pier. I was able to keep it from wrapping the line on a piling, and coaxed it back out into open water.

I am always amazed at how Grace has taken to fishing at the tender age of 5. She scolds me when I give her too much advice; she likes to remind me that she knows what she's doing. Which I suppose is true as long as she doesn't have to touch any bait or the actual fish themselves.

Proud daddy and his girls.

Grace's largest catch of the day - a nice scrappy catfish.

Another beautiful and successful fishing day on the Sassafrass. The most recent of hundreds, if not thousands. Hopefully there will be just as many more to come in the future.

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