Sunday, November 9, 2014

Painting Table Saturday - Knights

After not lifting a paint brush for most of the summer and early Fall, I've been back at it in small spurts over the last week or so. The first order of business was to finish up the batch of 18 German mounted knights that have been sitting there since...May? Yes, probably since May.

These guys were the last of the "refurbishment" batches, along with a few new figures to round out the number needed for 6 stands of 3 each. The plan was always to go with fairly basic paint schemes for these, but I did add some additional detail to a few of them. They look OK, and when the bases are finished and flags and lance pennons are added, they will be a nice addition to the medieval horde.
Early Medieval German Knights

Next up, at least for the moment, are 10 more Hundred Years War crossbowmen, but I suspect that these will get set aside for something else. I have 4 units' worth of Norman heavy spearmen prepped and ready to go (60 figures), and adding these as nice large infantry blocks to the early medieval forces sounds appealing. Those are also easy figs to paint, and can be turned out quickly in large numbers.
Hundred Years War Crossbows

For today at least, I'll get some paint on these crossbowmen.

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