Friday, November 28, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

Another Thanksgiving has come and gone. Another wonderful meal has been prepared and eaten. With family. Football was watched (including the beloved Eagles dismantling the hated Cowboys 33-10). Every pot, pan, plate and cup was used. The fridge was stuffed, then emptied, then stuffed again. The kitchen was trashed, and then cleaned. Kids were (eventually) happily put to bed, with Grace's final smiling words before sleep being "I...ate...three...pieces...of...pie...".

I don't think any of us that were here and fortunate enough to spend the day together forgot what the day is supposed to be all about. Being thankful for what we have, and enjoying it in the company of family. I am luckier than most, and far more blessed than I deserve, and for that I am very grateful.

Thanksgiving for me has also become a time to remember my father, since he died shortly before Thanksgiving in 2010. So pardon the indulgence as I raise a glass to him. Four years ago today we laid him to rest, but I do not forget. Black Friday, indeed. I still remain in awe of a time when a 17 year old would lie about his age to fight in a war a half a world away. Bravery, as they say, is ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Sometimes just volunteering to show up is extraordinary.
Service in France and Germany, 1944-1946

To anybody out there, Happy American Thanksgiving, and a joyous holiday season yet to come...

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  1. Nice post, and well written. You and Amp out-did yourselves with the meal. It was indeed a blessing to be able to spend the day with family. And my thoughts have also turned to Dad over these past few days. Hard to believe it's been four years....