Friday, October 23, 2009

Hawk Mountain plans

Well, it looks like Leo and I will be heading up to Hawk Mountain next Wednesday, weather permitting, for a day of hiking and watching the raptor migration. Apparently Dave has a slight chance of making it as well. Extended forecast at this point has it as mostly sunny with a slight chance of showers, with temperatures around 60. Leaves in Pennsylvania are getting pretty close to peak color, so it should be beautiful.

I am especially interested in what my impressions are of the various sections of trail that we might be on, and how my impressions correlate to what the Hawk Mountain website says in terms of easier, moderate and more strenuous. I can't wait to see what they think of as "moderate" vs what I think.

Dave and Leo must be very amused by my non-stop questions on equipment and all sorts of other things, and probably think I am preparing for an assault on Everest rather than a walk in the woods. That being said, I am extremely excited about trying out my new stuff, and feel very much like a kid in a candy store when poking around EMS or a Dick's Sporting Goods.

More to come.

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