Sunday, April 3, 2011

ACW Game - Part 2

Turn 2: 8:30-9:00am
Not too much fighting in this turn as forces from both sides continue to move onto the field and deploy.

Barksdale's brigade continues to aggressively front Gamble's dismounted cavalry. Buford's battery inflicts another casualty on Barksdale, but goes out of ammo in doing so (the black bead behind the gun). Barksdale assaults the Union troopers along the rail fence but is pushed back. In the background, McLaws' remaining brigades and artillery continue to pour over the bridge and deploy for action. In the foreground, Ames' brigade of Barlow's divison (11th Corps) pounds up the road as fast as possible in support of their hard-pressed comrades.

As McLaws' men deploy for battle, Buford receives good news - the cloud of dust to the north has been identified as the lead elements of Wadsworth's division of Reynold's 1st Corps. This division is one of the better ones in the Union army, and includes the Iron Brigade. That will give McLaws something else to think about.

Meanwhile, on the southern end of the battlefield, Heth's division begins to deploy after crossing the southern bridge. Pettigrew's large and excellent North Carolina brigade is in the lead, followed by some artillery and then Davis' Mississippi brigade. As the rebels deploy, Buford dispatches Devin's brigade to block Heth as best he can while more of Howard's Corps comes up.

...To Be Continued...

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