Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Oooh Shiny - Hobby Update

It has been a busy month or so from a hobby standpoint, but I definitely have fallen into the "ooh shiny" trap again. I detailed some specific plans around my Crusades project, did ok with my focus for a week or two and then pretty much went completely off the rails. In other words, it's been business as usual around here.

Over the past month or so I...
  • Began removing 15mm Crusades figures from their old bases in order to re-base on Impetus style bases. I've barely scratched the surface of what needs to be done.
  • Began making a pair of 4 foot by 3 foot desert terrain boards to make a four by six battlefield. Sand has been glued and base coat (mostly) painted on. Needs painting and dry brushing to complete.
  • Began painting a half dozen or so mounted Saracen leaders for the Crusades. None completed.
  • I did buy ready to use desert terrain items at Cold Wars, so in that regard I have made progress even though I didn't do much other than pull out my wallet.
  • Noticed the half finished units of Ottoman heavy infantry and Janissary archers sitting off on the side of the painting table from about a year ago and put a little time in on them. Still not done of course. But closer.
  • Caught part of The Two Towers movie on TV and decided I just absolutely had to paint some Riders of Rohan immediately. Did a test fig as documented here, liked the result and set out to do 7 more. These were actually finished last night and just need their bases to be finished.
  • Was so pleased with how the Rohan figs turned out and realized that they have no painted enemies to face, so began painting 25 or 30 Isengard uruk-hai. These will be easy to paint using the dip method and a very limited (and dark) color palette. Then I will need more Rohan, then more Isengard, then more Rohan...
  • Played a fantastic game of Fire and Fury (Civil War) and remembered how much fun those games always are. Remembered also that I need to upgrade the quality (and quantity) of this piece of my collection, especially as far as the Union side is concerned. Began plotting and planning a purchase.
  • Went out to Gettysburg for a day and a half seminar. I am now fully immersed in ACW and have been rereading Regimental Fire and Fury with an eye towards that being our next group game.

So. Have I finished much of anything? Not really, although the Rohan figs prevent me from having to admit to having finished nothing at all. And after a hiatus of many months of very little hobby activity in general, and even less painting activity, I am glad that things are sort of back to... well... normal.

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