Tuesday, April 5, 2011

ACW Game - Part 6

Turn 6: 10:30am-11:00am
Union problems in the center.

Panorama at 11:00am. More and more troops are getting fed onto the flanks, while the Union center is a serious cause for concern. On the Confederate side, Pender in the south and Hood in the north are both beginning to deploy and should be in contact with the enemy next turn. For the Union, the entire 11th Corps is on the field, but is spread thin in the center and in the south, as Barlow's division is pretty well wrecked. McLaws' rebels occupy the center wheatfield, and Barksdale's battered brigade can be seen wildly chasing Barlow's remnants at lower right. Schurz's newly arrived division will need to plug the middle long enough for a cohesive line to be formed. If they can...

Center - Howard hurries to deploy Schurz's division in hopes that they can get into a blocking position ahead of McLaws' troops. Both flanks are relatively stable at the moment, but the center has a gaping hole where Barlow used to be.

North - The northern flank is setting up to be the scene of some vicious fighting in the turns ahead. Reynolds has Wadsworth's division up and deployed, and Robinson's division just about ready for battle as well. Which is a good thing, because Hood's powerful division is forming on the hill to their right front and looks to be ready to attack at any moment. Wadsworth, Reynolds' last division, has been ordered off to extend the left of Reynolds' line in the wake of Barlow's misfortune.

South - Union situation stable at the moment, but Confederate forces are building. Steinwehr is in position, with Buford's dismounted troopers and artillery support. But Heth's guns are up, his infantry is pressing the line, and Pender's division is filing across the ford and is about to begin deploying. When Pender is in position, the Yanks will be seriously outnumbered.

At this point, our gaming evening came to an end. The game is still set up here in my basement, and can stay set up as long as I want in the hopes that we can get this same (or similar) gang back together to keep going. It's shaping up to be a good game, and if it looks like getting the boys back together won't happen any time soon, I may be forced to forge ahead as a solo game. We shall see.

...To Be Continued...???

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