Monday, April 4, 2011

ACW Game - Part 4

Turn 4: 9:30-10:00am
Confederates arriving in droves...

Panoramic view of the field taken from the East. For the Confederates, Pender's division of Hill's Corps and Hood's division of Longstreet's Corps have both begun to arrive. On the Union side, Robinson's divison is coming up for Reynolds, and Steinwehr's for Howard. The roads are pretty full of converging troops.

South end of the field - All four of Heth's brigades are at the front, along with both artillery batteries. Devin's cavalry is hard pressed by Pettigrew's North Carolina boys, but the lead elements of Steinwehr's division and some attached artillery are arriving to extend the line.

The Center - A very eventful single turn. Gamble's troopers, seeing Barlow's infantry coming up, have fallen back. Ames' brigade advanced to take their place and hold the fenceline, but was charged by Wofford's brigade. After a three round melee, Ames' brigade was badly beaten up and ultimately pushed way back. Having been all the way up to the fenceline, they can now be seen at lower right, disordered, low on ammo, and reduced in strength.

Northern flank - Cutler advances to face Semmes while the Iron Brigade deploys behind them. Hopefully this will divert some of McLaws' attention and take some pressure off of Barlow, who is hard-pressed in the Union center. At the bottom of the picture, the head of Robinson's division arrives.

...To Be Continued...

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