Sunday, April 3, 2011

ACW Game - Part 3

Turn 3: 9:00-9:30am
The action begins to heat up as more of McLaws' men contact the enemy.

McLaws' division is now pressing the Union cavalry in force. Wofford's Georgia brigade has come into line next to Barksdale's Mississippians, with Paul Semmes' Georgia brigade in support. Buford's battery, being out of ammo, has limbered and retired to the rear to resupply. The cavalry troopers themselves are also disordered and low on ammunition.

As McLaws' presses eastward, Wadsworth's division deploys to their northwest. Cutler's brigade is in the lead with artillery moving up in support, and Meredith's Iron Brigade is moving up behind them. To counter their advance, a Confederate battery has taken up a commanding position on the hill.

To the south, Devin's brigade has galloped across country to block Heth, and has gone low on ammunition almost immediately. Buford's cavalry has done some fine shooting early in the game, but are paying the price by shooting off most of their ready supply of ammo. We are playing a house rule on resupply whereby a unit wishing to resupply must follow the normal restrictions as written in the rules but also be within 12 inches of a supply wagon unit. With no supply wagon nearby, the ammo situation for Devin is critical. Pettigrew's men are disordered at the moment, but are a very large unit, and have supports moving up behind them, as well as artillery.

...To Be Continued...

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