Sunday, January 3, 2010

2009 - The Year in Review

Notes and observations from the year just ended. The small stuff. In no particular order.

  • We had a few fishing trips to the River, which the girls enjoyed, and are anxious to continue to do. I am very glad they like to fish at this age, as it was one of my favorite things growing up.
  • The family went on a real vacation trip this year, something we hadn't done for a while.
  • Getting out into the outdoors to do some hiking with Dave and Leo was a great new thing for me, beginning in the fall. This has to be kept going.
  • From a wargaming perspective, I painted about as many figures as I can reasonably expect to, had less figures painted in Sri Lanka than I normally have over the last few years (too many other things going on), and played less actual games than I would have liked. There were some stretches of routine game-playing, but too many long droughts.
  • I read less modern literature than I did last year, but still managed to get about 30 books read, not counting history and some fluff stuff. The 30 or so only counts "serious" books. Boy, that sounds snobbish, huh?
  • Golf suffered this year. After golfing 10-12 times in 2008, I believe I only got out 3 times this year, and my game showed the effects of that disuse.
  • Last, and certainly not least, since beginning this blog in September, I managed 65+ posts and had a great time doing it. Even if few people are reading this, it serves a nice purpose for organizing my thoughts, and when printed out (as Dave got for Christmas in book form from family via blog2print), creates a wonderful journal of what was going on in my life. For posterity, Jeeves...
Anyway, these are just a few thoughts, but my mind is wandering more towards the year ahead.

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