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Disney World - Day 4

Wednesday December 14, 2009 - Day 4
We are settling into a decent sleeping routine, and Julia is definitely feeling back to normal now. This is the last day it is forecast to be hot, which will turn out to be true. Hollywood Studios is the park du jour, and we plan on what might be our last pool day later in the afternoon. From the Epcot Resorts, it is a boat ride, not a bus ride, which the kids really enjoyed (me too!).

The first picture shows the view of the Beach Club area from the boat dock. The hotel is in the right and center background, the Yacht Club is off to the left. The wrecked pirated ship is also the jump off point for a water slide that ends in the pool complex, which is all throughout the trees in the center distance. The second picture is me and Amp in front of the Christmas tree outside Hollywood Studios.

Hollywood Studios was a nice change of pace. It is all about shows and entertainment, not amusement park rides. The day consisted of character autographs, musical shows (Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast), the Indiana Jones stunt show, the Pixar parade, American Idol, and the High School Musical street show.

A definite highlight of the day was the kids getting pulled out of the front row to do be a part of a dance routine in the HSM3 show, as well as dancing in the Pixar character parade. Pictures of these were in an earlier post.

One thing that brought back a terrible memory was a visit to the Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground area. Everything in this enclosed play area is over sized to make the kids feel tiny. We went there for Grace to see it, which reminded me of our 2003 visit where we temporarily lost Julia here. She went into one end of a giant "ant hill" and didn't come back out, and didn't come out the other side. We knew she couldn't have gone far, but we couldn't find her for several minutes, and it was probably the single most vivid moment of pure panic in my life. Going back to it brought it all back to a degree that surprised me, and I couldn't wait to get out.

Late afternoon was spent at the pool, followed by dinner at the Captain's Grill in the Yacht Club.

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