Monday, January 25, 2010

Day of Battle Campaign

I have been feeling the strong urge to do something of a campaign nature, and I think I have just the answer. A ways back I had been working on a number of expansion ideas for Chris Parker's Day of Battle III rules. What I had been tinkering with were not changes to the base rules, but things to add an additional layer of flavor to the personality aspect of the game. The honor point and advancement mechanisms already in place would serve as the basics of the game-to-game progression, but there would be additional charts to roll on to get new traits and characteristics as you rose in social rank and esteem. Subordinate leaders rolling on these tables would add a bit of spice to the games, and would help in a solo campaign because it would give you the need to have certain leaders behave in certain ways. All of this additional material would require using the full universe of advanced and optional rules, something that Chris and I have not been able to do in convention games. For example, a trait could be that the leader must always lead from the front when attached to a unit in melee. I have to dig the drafts of this stuff out and revisit them, but I think a modest sized solo campaign would provide just the impetus I need to polish these things up. It will also give me a good reason to be working on something in the white space between face to face games with real people...

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