Friday, January 22, 2010

Black Powder rules

For games in the horse and musket era (which for me means primarily American Revolution and Napoleonics), I have had trouble settling on a rules set that I think has enough detail to be interesting but that is simple and elegant enough to be able to use with some of my less-rules-intensive gaming friends. American Civil War isn't an issue for this because of everyones' level of familiarity and general comfort with Fire and Fury. The Black Powder rules have gotten some good press recently on other blogs, so when I saw that they had become available today on Amazon at 34% off, I ordered a copy.

I am anxiously awaiting their arrival, and can't wait to give them a good read-through and playing.

As for other rules, as noted previously I do like From Valmy to Waterloo for Napoleonics, but it is a bit complicated and slow going (especially with cavalry); things that are not likely to make them a winner these days. For American Rev, which I would like to do more of, I have tried Flint and Steel but it is also fairly complicated and I never learned it well enough to run games with it. We also use a homebrewed regimental version of Fire and Fury, but it is only marginally satisfying. If the Fire and Fury folks ever getting around to publishing America's Wars, their official regimental rules adaption of basic Fire and Fury, I'm sure it will be good but they have been talking up its imminent arrival for what seems like most of my adult life without it actually ever coming out. Oh well.

More to come...

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  1. I use a verison or Battle Cry that I call "Battle cry 1776". I use 4" squares instead of hexes. Lots of house rules and fun and quick. Works well with the cards from Battle Cry and also with my DoB card command system. Chris P.