Friday, January 1, 2010

Disney World - Day 6

Friday December 18, 2009 - Day 6
The forecast for Friday was a very good chance of ready steady all day, so we decided to take a break from the parks and go to Downtown Disney, where we could do some shopping and other indoor activities. We got a late start, and arrived in time for lunch. We went into the Rain Forest Cafe, but were told after being seated that there would be a thunderstorm every 20 minutes during the meal. Knowing that Julia wouldn't like that, we left and ate at a really good sandwich place instead.

The shopping was pretty dull (for me!) but the Lego store was amazing. In the picture above, the people and dogs are all made out of standard sized Legos. I can't imagine how many pieces, and how much time and effort, went into each. This just proves that art comes in many many forms, some of them unexpected. We also saw a bell chorus concert by a high school group from Ohio that was very nice.

With the weather not nearly as bad as forecast, we bailed out on Downtown Disney and went back to Epcot, where we had no problem killing the rest of the afternoon. After sunset, we saw a show in a pavilion in England by a Beatles impersonation group called the British Invasion. They were very good, and the girls loved the show.

While in Epcot, I bought a Christmas present for myself, which as I write this on New Years Day, has still not arrived at the house. They said it would take 10-20 business days, and I am getting anxious.

Dinner was once again in Japan. All in all a very low key day.

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