Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hobby Update - January 23, 2010

Work on hobby things has been very slow since the holidays. Since posting my goals on finishing my Hundred Years War and Wars of the Roses armies over the winter and spring, I have had the opposite of the intended effect on myself (from a painting standpoint). Instead of stimulating a burst of activity, I have frozen myself almost to a halt. The only positive development on this front is that there is a decent-sized order at Fernando Enterprises in Sri Lanka that will substantially complete both periods for me. The remaining cavalry and command bits to be done by me are "nice to haves" and not "need to haves". So I can rationalize to myself that even though I am doing absolutely nothing myself, I am still making progress towards my goals.

I am working (slowly...) on some non-knight cavalry that will be useful for pretty much any period from about 1100-1400. The figures themselves are Old Glory 25mm Teutonic sergeants from the "Liegnitz - Mongols in Europe" range. They can pass for just about anything over a several hundred year period.

I have also been burning some time reorganizing my storage space and methods; re-boxing some stuff, setting aside some things to get rid of, etc.

The final thing I have been doing goes back to my posts on my struggles with what horse and musket era period to concentrate on. I received a bunch of bases from Litko today, and have begun re-basing my 15mm Napoleonics. What I have in the way of 15mm Naps (French, Peninsula Brits and some Austrians) I am going to re-base for use with Napoleonic Warfare (Saga rules). The basic rules engine for all of Saga's rules are very similar, and since our gang has learned Medieval Warfare, we will be well-positioned to do the Napoleonic version. Anything to get Napoleonics back on the table...


  1. what is the basing for the saga for 15mm naps ?

    i have some of these and really not based them trying to decide between shako II (leaning this way) and the fire & fury variant whose name is escaping me. plus i think eric boyle owns almost every set of napoleonic rules ever published, and there is ANOTHER one i've played several times at his house, but not recently. i forget its basing. anyway...

    ONE COMMON 15mm ruleset for anything is, like communism, good in theory but not acheivable. one would hope to nearly standardize basing...

    talk to me before you glue please :-) Leo.

  2. I think a common rules system is very possible for multiple periods. Saga has done a very good job at that. i for one like my card based command system in Day of Battle and ude it in my Horse and Musket games as well. Cheers eric...Chris P.