Thursday, January 21, 2010

Book Review - Emperor of the Air by Ethan Canin

The reading binge continues. I had a vacation day today to get a few things done, and had a little extra time, so I took a relaxing hour and finished off the last few stories in the collection Emperor of the Air, by Ethan Canin (1988). I had read maybe half of this book last year, and then it got pushed to the bottom of a pile and I never finished it. This is one nice thing about story collections, though; read a piece here, a piece there...

There are nine stories, and all are good solid stories about ordinary people. Lots of interesting characters, interesting situations and insightful observations. A very enjoyable book and I would not hesitate to read more by Canin.

4 stars out of 5.

Books read in 2010: 3
New authors read in 2010: 2 (Harding and Canin)
Books published in 2010 read: none yet.

Not sure exactly what to dive into next, but a likely candidate is a brand new story collection by Robert Stone called Fun with Problems.

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