Saturday, January 2, 2010

Coming and Going - New Years 2010

As seems to be the case with just about every blog I follow with any regularity, it is an opportune time to reflect a little bit on 2009 and to ponder what I would like to see happen in 2010. So with a belly full of a very tasty Masaman curry from a local Thai place, and a glass of nicely oaked Chardonnay safely in hand...

I continue to have much to be thankful for, the most important of which is that the whole gang had a happy and healthy year. Ultimately, I couldn't ask for more than that. There are certainly more things crossing my mind now than I care to put in writing, but suffice it to say that watching the girls grow is a neverending source of wonder. And worry. And bewilderment. And frustration. And joy. Lots of joy.

I have a great family, wonderful friends, and a successful career with a good solid company. My day to day worries are few (in any significant way), and I have the freedom to indulge my hobbies and interests in pretty much whatever manner I choose. Having the time to do so remains the biggest challenge, but that is because my life is filled with many great things, each of which take some time. So there are worse situations to be in. Much to be thankful for indeed.
The simplest and most sincere wish I could have for the coming year is that the great good fortune that blessed my family this year continue.

When sitting down to write this, I had intended to catalog lists of specific things in 2009 worthy of noting, and listing some goals for 2010. Maybe I will do so in a future posting, but as I read through what I have already written, it seems that I have already said everything that truly needs saying.
So...good night.

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