Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Painting Table January 27, 2010

Just to prove that I haven't given up on the idea of getting anything painted myself, here is a picture of what's in progress on the painting table at the moment. Front and back in two groups of six each are the 12 German sergeants as mentioned in a previous post (one in the front row is AWOL - he is out of the box and being painted at the moment...). Sandwiched between them are a pair of leader figures; the one on the yellow caparisoned horse will be a single generic leader figure, the one that basically hasn't been started yet on the left will be King Edward III of England. This two leaders are from the Old Glory Hundred Years War English personality pack.

At this point, I have basically only blocked in the very basic colors on the riders themselves, and on the couple of caparisoned horses in the lower right.

After posting the first picture above, I realized that I had actually painted a bit more this evening, and that the current state of progress was a little bit better than the first picture would indicate. This second picture shows a little more work on highlighting the riders, and basic first coat blocking of most of the horse colors. Still a long way to go...things are still very rough looking at this point.

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